For Tenants

Whether you are interested in knowing your rights as a tenant, finding out how landlords might screen you for a place, or want to boost your apartment hunting skills, Rent Well is for you. This tenant education course that is broken out into twelve 70-minute sections. In this class you will walk through the rental process and discuss the following topics:

  • How laws affect your relationship with your landlord
  • How Landlords screen potential renters
  • Different types of housing options
  • Identifying your housing wants verses needs
  • How to apply for a unit
  • Reviewing rental agreements
  • How to deal with termination and eviction processes
  • Understanding what your landlord expects of you
  • What are the responsibilities of your landlord
  • How to be a good tenant and neighbor
  • How to keep a your home healthy and safe
  • How your choices can affect your housing situation
  • How to communicate with your landlord and neighbors
  • Understanding the landlord’s point of view
  • Setting goals and action steps to achieve your housing plans

Not only will you receive all this important information and more but you will get the opportunity to create a personalized Housing Portfolio tailored to your housing needs. Depending on what county you take the course in you may have access to the Landlord Guarantee Fund once you graduate. This fund can be used as an extra incentive for landlord to rent to you. 

Classes in the Community

Currently classes are available throughout the Portland metro area. Please note that some classes may charge a fee and/or may not be open to the public. This list is updated as instructors inform us of up-coming classes but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Below is a map of all the organizations currently teaching Rent Well. It is divided both by counties and by public vs. private classes.

  • Public classes are generally open to anyone and can have a cost for the class.
  • Private classes are usually for current or/and past participants of that agency.
    For private classes only the general information line is listed but if you have worked with a staff member or case managers at the agency before you might want to call them directly to get more information about the classes.

You can find and sort agencies on the map by clicking the "show navigation bar" icon in the top left corner of the map. To enlarge the map, you can click the icon on the top right corner.