rent well program

Get the Keys, Keep the Keys

Rent Well, a program of Transition Projects, is a 15-hour tenant education program that helps empower OR & WA residents with the knowledge and skills to navigate renting successfully. The lessons cover budgeting, the application process, communication skills, tenant rights, landlord expectations, unit maintenance, moving tips, and much more.

Rent Well courses are available in three different styles to meet the needs of the community: in-person sessions, webinar-style, and as an online eCourse. At that moment, the eCourse is only available to Oregon residents. In-person and webinar-style classes are taught by certified instructors at partnered agencies who have completed our Tenant Educator Academy and stay up to date with recertifications. This training is an intensive deep dive on how to teach the course at their agency.

We believe everyone deserves the right to live well, be well, and Rent Well.


Our services


Learn how to mitigate your barriers to housing by taking the Rent Well tenant education course.

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Support clients in their housing journey by becoming an educator or a community agency partner.

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Find out more about the benefits of renting to a Rent Well graduate, such as the landlord incentive fund.

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