Our history

Rent Well began as a Portland metro area tenant education program that believes everyone has the right to live well, be well, and rent well. The curriculum was created in 2009 during the recession by a passionate group of housing champions who sincerely believed that renters who needed a second chance should have the opportunity to get one. The program’s administration was turned over to Transition Projects in 2016. Under their leadership, the Rent Well became a state-wide program in Oregon, with branches in Central and Southern Washington and a synonym for tenant education.

About the Course

Historically, this curriculum was developed for those who had prior barriers to housing. These barriers might include a history of homelessness or noticeable gaps in rental history, addiction issues, criminal justice involvement, evictions, poor credit, and past property debt among others. However, this course can be very beneficial for anyone wanting to know more about their rights and responsibilities as renters.

The Rent Well curriculum is broken up into twelve 70-minute sections and can be taught through in-person or webinar-style classes by certified instructors or a student can go through our stand-alone eCourse version.

These sections cover everything from Fair Housing Laws, the rental screening process, how to talk to a potential landlord about screening barriers, credit repair and building, how to maintain a healthy home, the eviction process, and much more. Students also get to receive a copy of their own rental screening report, thanks to a partnership with Pacific Screening.

Course Overview