For Instructors and Community Partners

Thank you for your support of this extremely valuable course. If it wasn’t for your partnership and partnerships like yours, Rent Well would not be the blossoming program it is. We know that you are very busy people doing very important jobs and we want to make it as easy as possible on you. This section is to provide you with the most up-to-date documents, information, and connections to other Rent Well instructors.

Upcoming 2018 Train the Trainer Courses and Recertifications

The time has come to finally announce the new Rent Well Train the Trainer Courses that are coming in 2018 and how to get register for the trainings. Through the last year, we have taken a hard look at not only the curriculum but the program itself and have made significant changes in order to make this program both easier to access and a better more useful tool to you, the instructors, and for our students. This has included:


  • An update to the curriculum based on valuable feedback from instructors, students, property managers, and other community agencies
  • Instructors will now only have one comprehensive Instructor Manual to teach the class with instead of flipping back and forth between their Manual and the Student Workbook
  • The Instructor Manual and Student Workbooks include both Oregon and Washington information and laws
  • More graphics have been added to the curriculum, and yes, by popular demand, there is an image of a bed bug in the new curriculum
  • The ability to provide all Rent Well instructors access to incredibly cheap background screens for students
  • A new online platform for instructors to communicate and connect with one another
  • Curriculum that is in alignment with the standards of the now, state-funded, Rental Assurance For Tenancy (RAFT) Fund for all Rent Well graduates
  • The ability to purchase pre-made, bound Student Workbooks from the Rent Well Program for a discounted rate
  • Beginning the process of translating the new curriculum into Spanish with more languages to come
  • An expansion of the Train the Trainer Course to allow for both individuals wishing to be certified instructors or those that don’t plan on teaching a class but want the professional development
In order to ensure the integrity and presentation of the Rent Well curriculum are upheld, there will be no recertifications for those currently teaching Rent Well 2.1, all agencies will need to reapply to become a Community Agency Partner (CAP).


In the first half of 2018, Rent Well will begin hosting monthly 20-hour Train the Trainer Courses around Oregon and Southwest Washington for individuals affiliated with a Community Agency Partner or CAP that want to become either a Certified Rent Well Instructor or a Trained Professional. Trained Professional are people that would like to have more training in this filed without having to become an instructor or teach on-going classes, such as Case Managers or Advocates.

There are 3 steps to becoming a Certified Instructor or Trained Professional  

Step 1: Complete a CAP App.

A Community Partner Agency (CAP) is an agency that chooses to sponsor either certified Rent Well instructors and non-certified individuals seeking professional development skills at their place of business to benefit their clients. These agencies are licensed non-profit organizations, publicly funded agencies, or governmental housing providers with mission statements or core values that align with the goal of helping low-income individuals find or maintain safe and stable housing. CAPs hold the integrity of the work they do as well as the Rent Well curriculum to the highest standard by insuring that only certified instructors in good standing are teaching the Rent Well curriculum at their agency. CAPs can ask for a payment of no more than $60 per student to cover the cost of supplies and items needed to teach this course and the partner agency shall not subcontract its work under the agreement created by this partnership. These agencies also do not attempt to gain or profit off the utilization of this program.


CAPs agencies must ensure that they are following correct community standards policies, reporting requirements, confidentiality agreements, and copyright and trademark laws. The agency is to have and maintain both worker’s compensation and general liability insurance which they must be able to provide a copy of when asked. They hold the Rent Well program harmless against all claims, demands, actions, and suits that may arise. Agencies wishing to become CAP must first complete a community partnership application that will be reviewed for final approval by the Rent Well Program. If the agency is approved they will be asked to sign an agreement and pay a one-time licensing fee.

The link for the online CAP App can be found here (soon) or a printable version is available too.

To see if your agency is already a CAP, you can review the current list of CAPs here soon.


Step 2: Signing Agreements and Paying One-time Fees.

Once approved the CAP liaison that will be contacted by the Rent Well Program usually within a week. The liaison will receive the CAP Agreement to review and have their administration sign and a link to the on-line payment of one-time licensing fee of $500 for new partner agencies. This link will also have ability to register affiliated individuals for upcoming trainings. 


Once an agency is approved as a CAP then the licensing and agreement lasts for as long as the CAP and Rent Well/Transition Projects wants it to. Either party can move to terminate the agreement. Rent Well would move to terminate on the grounds of a major and/or repeated misuse or misconduct of the program or its curriculum. If the agreement is ever terminated by either party and then in the future the agency wanted to  renewed the agreement then there might be a cost to that of up to $500 again.


Step 3: Registering Individuals for Up-coming Trainings

Once a CAP has been approved, signed agreements, and paid the one-time fee, it is time to start signing people up for upcoming trainings. The first two steps only need to be done once after that a CAP have can individuals sign up for trainings as often as they want.

To make sure that your agency is already a CAP, you can review the current list of CAPs here. If you don’t see your agency on the list, please follow steps 1 and 2. If you do see your agency on the list, then it is time to sign you up for the next available Train the Trainer Course.

You have an option of becoming either a Certified Rent Well Instructor able to teach classes and graduate individuals OR a Trained Professional that is not able to teach classes but is going through a 16 hours of this Train the Trainer event to receive more knowledge in this field. Here is what individuals going to the Train the Trainer Course will receive:


There is the schedule for the next available trainings. Each training holds up to 30 individuals.


Hillsboro's February 2018 Training - SOLD OUT

Tuesday, February 20th 1pm-5pm - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER!
Thursday, February 22nd 9am-5pm
Friday, February 23rd 9am-5pm
Community Action of Washington County
1001 SW Baseline Street
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Register Deadline of February 6th.

Portland's March 2018 Train the Trainer

Friday, March 16th 9am-1pm
Monday, March 19th 9am-5pm
Tuesday, March 20th 9am-5pm
Lincoln Building
421 SW Oak St
Portland, OR 97204
Eventbrite - Rent Well's Train the Trainer - March 16th, 19th, & 20th
Register Deadline of March 2nd.

Oregon City's April 2018 Train the Trainer

Tuesday, April 10th 9am-1pm
Tuesday, April 17th 9am-5pm
Thursday, April 19th 9am-5pm
Clackamas County Social Services
2051 Kaen Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
Eventbrite - Rent Well's Train the Trainer - April 10th, 17th, & 19th
Register Deadline of March 27th.

Albany's May 2018 Train the Trainer

Wednesday, May 23rd 1pm-5pm
Thursday, May 24th 9am-5pm
Friday, May 25th, 9am-5pm
Community Services Consortium
250 Broadalbin Street, Suite 2A
Albany, OR 97321
Eventbrite - Rent Well's Train the Trainer - May 23rd, 24th, & 25th
Register Deadline of May 9th.

Instructor Re-Certifications

After you have become a certified instructor with the program, to stay a certified instructor you will need teach at least one class a year and to go through a re-certification training every two years. The next re-certification course will be in 2020.


Current Instructor Portal

We have an online community forum where current instructors can ask questions, get resources, and connect with other instructors as well as get the most up-date program documents such as Graduation Certificates, Participant Information Forms, and Course Evaluations. This is a password protected login which would have been set up when you became a certified instructor.