The Tenant Educator Academy

The Rent Well Program partners with 非营利组织, publicly funded agencies, and governmental organizations with housing-focused mission statements. Through these partnerships, the Rent Well program trains these agencies’ staff members to provide the curriculum and education at their own agency. These 社区机构合作伙伴, or CAPs, can have staff members attend training for professional development in the housing services field or have staff members become fully certified Rent Well instructors for their agency.

一种 与 Rent Well 合作可以提供 您的代理机构:Owl Professor

  • 广泛的 20 小时在线培训 话题 住房障碍,审查背景报告,帮助个人创建自己的住房组合,深入了解租赁文件,了解驱逐程序, 有关的关键信息 当地的 房东租客法。
  • 获得与房东-租户法律相关的持续培训和材料。
  • 太平洋放映, 本地人 租赁筛选 公司,提供租金 良好的教师和学生可以访问以成本为代价的即时背景报告。
  • 课程一致 符合俄勒冈州租金保证计划标准。  
  • 购买能力 预制 学生 直接材料 来自租井计划。

Case Manager vs. Certified Instructor Tracks

There are two tracks available to housing advocates; the primary difference being whether an attendee plans to use the information to instruct a class at their agency. 

  • 案例经理轨道

    This track is available to individuals who would like to have more training and knowledge in the housing field to provide to clients in a one-on-one case-management setting without teaching ongoing classes. This track is designed for Case Managers or Advocates who are either new to the field or who want additional tools into their advocacy toolbox. CAP partnership is not required to take the Case Manager course.

  • 认证讲师跟踪

    This track is geared toward CAP staff members who would like to teach Rent Well courses to clients at their agency. This track provides individuals with the curriculum plus all the behind-the-scenes Rent Well course set-up and administration information. A Certified Instructor needs to be tied to an approved CAP.  Check if your agency is already a CAP, or apply 这里.

The Tenant Educator Academy Benefits





20 小时的学生材料指导

2.5 hours of training on trauma-informed
teaching and how to set up classes


Access to course materials

Access to an online instructor forums

Ability to running background reports

Ability to teach Rent Well classes



Already a Certified Instructor?

If you are already a certified Rent Well instructor, you now have access to our Rent Well Instructor Portal with course information, class materials, an online instructor community forum, and so much more. Log in 这里 to access your instructor portal.