How to Become A Rent Well Educator

The Rent Well Program partners with nonprofits, publicly funded agencies, and governmental organizations with housing-focused mission statements. Through these partnerships, the Rent Well program trains these agencies’ staff members to provide the curriculum and education at their own agency. These Đối tác đại lý cộng đồng, or CAPs, can have staff members attend training for professional development in the housing services field or have staff members become fully certified Rent Well instructors for their agency.

A partnership with Rent Well can provide your agency with:Owl Professor

  • An extensive 20-hour online training on topics such as housing barriers, reviewing background reports, helping individuals create their own housing portfolios, an in-depth understanding of rental documents, knowledge about the eviction process, and critical information about local landlord-tenant laws.
  • Tiếp cận các khóa đào tạo liên tục và tài liệu liên quan đến luật chủ nhà-người thuê nhà.
  • Quan hệ đối tác với Khám sàng lọc Thái Bình Dương, a local rental screening company, providing Rent Well instructors and students access to at-cost instantaneous background reports.
  • A curriculum aligned with the Oregon Rent Guarantee Program standards.
  • The ability to purchase pre-made student materials directly from the Rent Well Program.