Convertirse en un CAP

If you did not see your agency on our active CAP list, your agency will need to complete the CAP application before you can register to become a Rent Well instructor. This process involves submitting some basic information about your agency, reviewing and acknowledging the terms of the agreement. Your application will be submitted to the Rent Well program for review. The minimum qualifications for a CAP are being a nonprofit, publicly funded, or governmental agency focusing on housing which is located in Oregon or Washington. If approved, you will receive an invoice for the one-time licensing fee of $200. If your agency doesn’t meet the minimum qualifications for becoming a CAP, the application will be denied, and you will not receive an invoice.

    Tu información

    Información general de la agencia

    Organización sin fines de lucro registradaAgencia financiada con fondos públicosProveedor de vivienda gubernamental

    Tenant Education Rental Screening Information

    Thanks to a close partnership with Pacific Screening, instructors at CAP agencies can have the ability to run background rental reports for their students, which include credit, criminal, and eviction histories. This report is for educational purposes only, and students can have a copy of their screening report to see what a landlord might see. This is a pillar of the educational program and helps the students better advocate for themselves when talking to a potential landlord. Please note, there is a cost to the background reports, which is very minimal, only $16/report. There is NO set-up fee for having a user account. Once the account is open, your agency is billed monthly only for the screens that are pulled during that month. Agencies are also allowed to pass the partial or full cost on to their students if your agency is unable to cover the cost; the students would pay the agency directly, and the agency would pay the monthly bill.

    Your instructors will need access to Pacific Screening accountsYour agency gets full rental reports through another agency. If so, skip to the Agency Liaison Information Section

    Información de enlace con la agencia

    Si su agencia es aprobada para convertirse en un socio comunitario, la agencia necesitará un enlace de agencia designado. El enlace de la agencia se aseguraría de que los datos de los estudiantes se registren correctamente, mantendría una lista de los instructores de su agencia y sería el punto de contacto para el programa Rent Well en su agencia.

    Reconozco que he leído y comprendido toda la información proporcionada en los términos de servicio y, al enviar esta solicitud, en nombre de mi agencia, acepto los términos de servicio y las políticas y procedimientos que se describen.