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The Rent Well Zertifizierter Ausbilder Track is available to staff at partnered agencies who would like to teach Rent Well courses at their agency to clients or to the public. If you are interested in teaching a lecture-style Rent Well course to those who want to learn more about their rights and responsibilities as tenants, sign up below!

Please expect to wait 1 business day for your registration to be approved. This means you will not have immediate access to an account after submitting the form and do not need to submit the form more than once.

PREREQUISITES: You must be employed at an agency licensed to carry the Rent Well curriculum, known as Community Agency Partners (CAPs). Check if your agency is an active partner HERE.

What to expect when taking the Certified Instructor Course

The Certified Instructor Course is available as an online eCource that mirrors the student curriculum model. This type of training costs $400 and is taught in 12 sections as seen below. The eCourse is designed to be taken at your own pace over 90 days, and will take 15-20 hours to complete.

Course Overview

After Section 1: You will be asked to review, fill out, and submit your Certified Instructor Agreement in order to teach the course to others. Once we receive your agreement, we will ship your materials which includes an instructor manual and a sample housing portfolio.

After Section 12: Soon-to-be instructors will be prompted to register for one of our monthly Follow-Up Webinars. These are hosted by us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 2:30-5:00 pm. In the Webinar you will be able to meet others taking the course, learn about trauma-informed teaching, navigating your instructor account, submitting paperwork, and more.

Washington State Instructors ONLY:  After attending our Follow-up Webinar, you will need to attend our Washington Law Webinar which is available on the third Thursday of every month from 2:30-5:00 pm (the day after the Follow-Up Webinar). In the WA Law Webinar, we will go over all the points in your instructor manual that address WA-specific laws and policies.

After Attending the Webinar(s): You will receive a congratulatory email from us including the Webinar slides, a Pacific Screening account holder agreement, your completed instructor agreement, and your Rent Well Certified Instructor teaching certificate! Once you are a Certified Instructor, your Rent Well account will be updated with new properties to submit paperwork, order books, and more.

Pacific Screening (Pulling Background Reports): In section 5 of the curriculum, students will have their background reports pulled as an educational resource. To pull reports for your students or give them access to pull their own reports, you will need to review, fill and submit your Pacific Screening account holder privacy agreement. Pulling reports as a Rent Well instructor costs $16 total per screening and will be billed to your agency.

Certified Instructor FAQ

Q: What is the cost of this type of training?
A: The Certified Instructor Course is a $400 registration fee.

Q: Can I become a Certified Instructor if I am not employed by a Community Agency Partner of Rent Well?
A: No, your agency must be licensed to carry the copyrighted curriculum before staff can take instructor training.
See if your agency is already a CAP or apply here:

Q: When can I start teaching a Rent Well class?
A: You can start 30 days after you are fully certified! You must notify us of your upcoming classes 30 days in advance.

Q: Can I co-instruct a course with another Certified Instructor?
A: Absolutely. Be sure to list all instructors teaching the course when notifying us of your upcoming class.

Q: How much are student workbooks and where can I buy them?
A: Student workbooks are available for $16 each through our Square Store. You can find the link by clicking the “Order Books” tile on your updated instructor account home page.

If you have any other questions, please send us a message through the contact page.

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If you are more interested in knowledge development in the housing advocacy field without teaching the Rent Well courses; learn more about our Trained Professional track.

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