The Rent Well program partners with nonprofits, publicly funded agencies, and governmental organizations with housing-focused mission statements. Through these partnerships, the Rent Well program trains these agencies’ staff members to provide the curriculum and education at their own agency. These Community Agency Partners, or CAPs, can have staff members attend training for professional development in the housing services field or have staff members become fully certified Rent Well instructors for their agency.

A partnership with Rent Well can provide your agency with:

  • An extensive 20-hour online training on topics such as housing barriers, reviewing background reports, helping individuals create their own housing portfolios, an in-depth understanding of rental documents, knowledge about the eviction process, and critical information about local landlord-tenant laws.
  • Access to ongoing trainings and materials related to landlord-tenant law.
  • A partnership with Pacific Screening, a local rental screening company, providing Rent Well instructors and students access to at-cost instantaneous background reports.
  • Access to a new online platform for instructors to communicate and connect on, as well as have in-the-moment access to the most up-to-date course materials.
  • A curriculum aligned with the Oregon Rent Guarantee Program standards.  
  • The ability to purchase pre-made student materials directly from the Rent Well Program.

What is the Difference Between a Trained Professional and a Certified Instructor?

There are two tracks to the extensive online training: a Certified Instructor track and a Trained Professional track. The primary difference between the two is whether an attendee plans to use the information to instruct a class at their agency. 

The Certified Instructor track is geared towards a CAP’s staff member who would like to teach Rent Well courses at their agency to clients. This track provides individuals with the curriculum plus all the behind-the-scenes Rent Well course set-up and administration information. A Certified Instructor needs to be tied to an approved CAP.  If you would like to check if your agency is already a CAP, you can do that here.

On the other hand, the Trained Professional track is available for individuals who would like to have more training and knowledge in the housing field to provide to clients in a one-on-one case-management setting without teaching ongoing classes. This track is designed for Case Managers or Advocates who are either new to the field or who want additional tools into their advocacy toolbox. Trained Professionals may be employed by an approved CAP. However, they do not need their agency to become a CAP to attend the Trained Professional track of the Tenant Educator Academy.

What the
Tenant Educator Academy offers:

Trained Professional Track


Certified Instructor Track


Affiliation with a Rent Well
Community Agency Partner requirement

5 hours of instruction on how to teach the course
and set up classes

20 hours of instruction on the student materials

Guest presenters

A Student Workbook and materials

An Instructor Manual which includes the
Student Workbook and all materials

Access to running screening reports

Access to an online instructor forum

On-going technical support

Ability to teach certified classes

Ability to provide graduates with certificates and
possible access to a Landlord Incentive Fund

Already a Certified Instructor

If you are already a certified Rent Well instructor, you now have access to our Rent Well Instructor Portal with course information, class materials, an online instructor community forum, and so much more. You can log in here.