Rent Guarantee Program Submission

请填写下面的协议表,并附上其他文件,并在租户入住后 30 天内提交。 数据包必须包括:

  1. 签署的租赁/租赁协议副本
  2. 由房东和租户签署的入住状况报告/检查副本,以及
  3. 由房东(以电子方式或实际方式)签署的本租金保证计划提供商/房东协议

*提交此表格并不保证基金资格或保证批准。 团队成员将在 10 个工作日内审查并跟进后续步骤。

    Property Information

    Tenant/Rent Well Graduate Information

    Would you have rented to this tenant without this Guarantee?:

    The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    If available that this time, please upload copies of the lease agreement and move-in condition report signed by both the landlord and tenant.