For Landlords

Rent Well was created to help educated individuals to be better tenant and neighbors. It is a fifteen hour tenant education course, taught by certified instructors, focused on how to be a successful tenant and neighbor. Topics include understanding landlord expectations, budgeting, effective communication with landlords and neighbors, maintaining a rental unit, and successful move-in and move-out. Some counties even pair their Rent Well courses with a Landlord Guarantee Fund (LGF).

The Rent Well Landlord Guarantee is an incentive for a landlord to rent to a Rent Well graduate. The Guarantee provides landlords with up to $2000 of financial coverage if the graduate vacates the unit within twelve months from the move-in date noted on the Lease/Rental Agreement and leaves unpaid rent or damages beyond what their security deposit will cover.

Once a student receives a graduation certificate from a certified instructor, then the graduate has up to 18 months from the date of graduation to secure a new housing opportunity. They then give a copy of their certificate to the potential landlord.  The landlord must register for the Rent Well Landlord Guarantee within 14 days of renting to a graduate in order to be eligible for the Guarantee during the next 12 months. 

LGF Reservation

To access to the LGF, a landlord must operate rental housing, such as apartments, studios, duplexes, houses, SROs. The unit also must be located in the state of Oregon. Please note, that the LGF is not available for shared housing with the property owner or a sublet.

If the unit is covered under the guidelines above, then the landlord will have to fill out a reservations request with the graduate. The reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis as funding is available. Landlords are strongly urged to contact the Rent Well office to confirm that the Graduation Certificate is valid and that Guarantee funds are available before signing a rental agreement with the tenant. If funding is terminated current reservations will be honored but we will be unable to accept future Guarantees.

A landlord must first complete a LGF reservation request in order to be eligible to collect on the guarantee funds at the time of lease/rental agreement termination. Beyond completing the reservation request, the Landlord must provide a copy of the following documents to Transition Projects Inc. within 30 days of move-in date noted on rental agreement.

  • Completed Rent Well Landlord Guarantee Application form signed by tenant and landlord
  • A signed copy of the Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Move-In Condition Report signed by both the Landlord and the Rent Well Graduate.

Transition Project will review the documents and send a Guarantee Confirmation letter to both the landlord and tenant confirming registration. Guarantees are effective for a maximum of twelve months from the move-in date noted on the Lease/Rental Agreement.

Making a Claim

In Multnomah County, every year only about 6% of our graduates ever have a landlord submit a reservation request on their behalf and of those reservations less than 1% need to file a claim. That is impressive! But claims still happen from time to time so it is important to know what that process looks like.

Landlords must file the claim within 60 days from the date the Guarantee expires and/or the date the landlord takes back possession of the unit from the tenant, whichever occurs first. Please know that a claim may not be filed until the tenant vacates the unit. Maximum amount of Rent Well Landlord Guarantee Coverage per unit is $2000 but this can change based on the county the tenant received their graduation certificate in.

A landlord must submit the following documents during the claim process:

  • Rent Well Landlord Guarantee Claim Form
  • Any appropriate documentation to support the claim, including, but not limited to:
    • Move-Out Condition Report
    • Receipts or invoices for any repairs (required if requesting reimbursement for damages)
    • Written Accounting Statement reflecting tenant-owed expenses
    • Documentation of non-payment of rent (72 hour notices, tenant ledger, etc.)
    • Receipts for any eviction related court costs

Please know that any applicable payments, deposits, fees (including lease break fees), or pre-paid rent collected from the Tenant must be deducted from the claim.

Transition Projects will verify the claim and may request additional documents to support claim.

Landlord must submit additional documents within 14 business days. Transition Projects reserves the right to perform an inspection of the unit. Inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial of a Guarantee Claim.

Transition Programs will either issue a Claim Confirmation and Guarantee check or Denial letter at the end of the process.