About the Program

Rent Well, a program of Transition Projects, is a 15-hour tenant education curriculum that provides individuals with the support, knowledge, and expertise they need to become successful tenants. Whether an individual has never rented before, has a poor rental history, or has years of excellent rental history, this program offers something for everyone.

The Rent Well curriculum is broken up into 12 sections which last 70 minutes each. These sections cover everything from Fair Housing Laws, the rental screening process, how to talk to a potential landlord about screening barriers, credit repair and building, how to maintain a healthy home, the eviction process, and much more.

History of Program

Rent Well was a program developed in 2009 in collaboration with landlords, tenants, housing advocates, case managers, and other interested parties. The curriculum was created to give tenants of all backgrounds the knowledge and insight they need about how to be a successful renter. To this day, the Renter’s Education Alliance (REAL) Committee, which is the Steering Committee for the program, oversees updates to the curriculum, trains new and current instructors, and acts as an expert panel to respond to community questions that may arise. For more information about the REAL Committee or how to get involved, please click here.

Scope of Services

Currently the Rent Well Program is administered in two states and 4 counties: Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington County in Oregon and Clark County in Washington. Each county has a county lead contact and then can choose to contract with agencies in their area. This way there are multiple points of access for students that are interested in taking the course. For a list of current or upcoming classes, please click here.

Information about the Landlord Guarantee Fund

The Rent Well Landlord Guarantee (LGF) is an incentive for landlords to rent to Rent Well graduates.  The Rent Well program is designed in such a way that each of the County Leads can choose to fund a Landlord Guarantee Fund in conjunction with the Rent Well program in their area.  For example, Multnomah County has a $2000 Guarantee for anyone that takes the class inside of the county.

If your County does fund a LGF, then a landlord can collect on the fund if the graduate vacates the unit within twelve months from the move-in date noted on the Lease/Rental Agreement and leaves unpaid rent or damages that are above and beyond what their security deposit can cover. The Guarantee Fund can reimburse for:

  • Damages in excess of normal wear and tear
  • Eviction - related court costs
  • Non -payment of rent if the tenant does not vacate the unit in good standing.

Please click here for more information about the guarantee process.